Corporate Team BuildingSchedule your corporate team-building event with Chef Laurent

Invite your company or department to Chef Laurent's Cooking Classes for a private team building event.

Your employees will be divided into teams to complete a common goal: the recipe. By communicating together within a specified amount of time, they will learn who the leader is and who prefers to follow. Can they handle the pressure?

The end result is to have your employees work more effectively, together in the work place. They will realize that all levels can achieve the same goal.

A positive and enjoyable atmosphere will be provided for your staff. Classes are held in a French themed kitchen. Please call me at 574–993–2772 to reserve your private class today!

Reward Everyone!
Chef Laurent creates his own hand-rolled French chocolate truffles. A box of 2 or 4 can be purchased for each participant. This is a great way to say "thank you" to everyone!

Contract for Private Corporate Team Building Class