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I wanted to provide some feedback on our December cooking class. Everyone really enjoyed the cooking class. I received several comments the days after the class about what a great experience it was. You were very personable and the food was absolutely fantastic! One of the designers brought in the German French Toast that he had made for his family and it made our office smell great for at least a little while. Thank you for your flexibility and the great experience.
Jason Lind

"A sense of humor with a French accent, and well-thought out appetizing recipes. What more can you ask from Chef Laurent?" Kathy P. Leistner

As with great restaurants there should be pleasant conversation that proceeds and accompanies each course of the meal. Such was the case with Laurent as we had banter about Bretagne (Laurent's origin) as well as discussions about each course we were going to eat, which made the evening entertaining while also enhancing the eating experience. I served as a sous-chef (my request), though I was not really needed but helped out as Laurent was working out of his home environment and entertained a crowd of about 10. The dinner was well paced with everyone gathered about the kitchen during prep time and then food was delivered to the dining area. So rather than a passive process of waiting for the food, there was an active engagement in dinner - with discussion lead by Laurent. Overall, Laurent was well organized with ingredients for each course pre-arranged on a separate tray so there was not much fuss to make it all happen. We dined on hummus, tabbouleh, lamb and a salad followed by a chocolate mousse. A fine meal with no stress of going to a restaurant or making it ourselves. A memorable birthday dinner. Paul Tuite

February 2012
"Chef Laurent's cooking school was charming, clean and an intimate setting that was very conducive for a small group event. Chef is very engaging and does a great job including the 'audience' in each of his meal courses. We had a terrific time and our team would highly recommend it to others!"

"No Longer afraid to make a Pie Crust, great class"

"The Private Cooking class was a great team event; we had a great time and will do this again for sure. Definitely recommend trying!"

1/25/12 Review of French Class visit to Chef Laurent for Cooking Lessons:

In early December, I took my French 4 class to Chef Laurent for cooking lessons. We had a wonderful time. He spoke in French and in English. He let students assist him with the cooking. He was even entertaining. My students especially loved it when he tossed crepes in the air. He made food that my students could enjoy and try at home. We just had a great time and I will go back next year with my students. Bon appétit!

Cheryl Herman
French Teacher
Mishawaka High

Pies and Quiche now available!

French Apple Tarte with homemade apple sauce $20
Chocolate & Hazelnut Tarte $22
Lemon Tarte $22
Pear Tarte with raisins and cognac $22
Raspberry Tarte with homemade custard $26
Strawberry Tarte with homemade custard $24
Strawberry & Kiwi Tarte with homemade custard $24
Pumpkin Tarte with Pecan Crust $22
Rhubarb Tarte with apples and almonds $22
Basque Quiche: Spinach, pine nuts & Roquefort cheese $26
Leek Quiche: Leeks, onions, bacon & Swiss cheese $23
Tomato & Goat Cheese Quiche $26
Normandy Style Quiche: Brie, Bacon & Parmesan $26

Pies & Quiche serves 6–-8 people.
Price Sheet and Order Form for Pies and Quiche
Telephone orders accepted:  574–993–2772